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JA Pryse

Oklahoma Historical Society
Oklahoma City
I am the Digital Projects Archivist at the Oklahoma Historical Society and have created many opportunities for the Digital Projects Department to extend our current capabilities as well as develop large-scale project processes. With the need to cultivate new ideas, new skills and new experiences it is important to continue momentum with educational development. I am passionate about challenging myself and those that I work with to reach beyond the 'required' duties, to expand their skill-sets, to acquire new techniques and never settle for limitations.
Some of the different projects that I manage are:
Ethics in Journalism grant; requiring 5 million pages of Oklahoma Newspapers from 1884-1923 to be digitized, indexed, described and processed in that each and every page will become available to the public free of charge.
Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation - 1,199 rolls of OSBI records which equals over 3 million digital images.
Living Legends Digital Project – 1000+ reel-to-reel tapes which is approximately 5000 digital audio files.
Clara Luper Radio Show Project – 900 mixed media formats including reel-to-reel, cassette, 8-track and born digital items well over 1200 hours of digital media.
Enid Oral History Program – 331 audio tapes which is over 2000 hours of digital tracks.
And many more smaller projects for exhibits, educational workshops and patron requests.